Destructive downpour at Bandan village in Puntland

Daybreak reports we are getting from Bandan village which is roughly some 23km east of Buhoodle district in Eyn region in eastern Somalia say that it has rained cats and dogs on Sunday night.

The local residents in the village who spoke to the English department of Radio Dalsan say that it has been raining for over 7 hours hysterically, and there were huge floods in the village and its surrounding areas which have evicted the people from their houses to high altitude areas.

“It has been raining over 7 hours consecutive and were forced out from our houses by heavy floods which come down from the hilly areas, the entire properties including livestock were been washed away by the heavy floods, and we are now helplessly stranded in the high altitude areas in the village” says Amina Jama a mother of six children.

Mrs. Jama added that there are urgently in need of humanitarian assistance from the humanitarian agencies.

This rain coincides with a time when there is severe drought in the entire regions of Puntland.

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