Danab commandos crush Al-Shabaab attack, neutralise Militant & seize weapons

In a remarkable display of bravery and vigilance, the Danaab Commandos of the Somali National Army, in collaboration with Jubbaland forces, successfully foiled a meticulously planned landmine attack orchestrated by Al-Shabaab militants.

The targeted site was the vital Janay-Abdalla to Bulo-Gadud road, a crucial transportation route connecting key areas in the region.

During the incident, which unfolded on Thursday afternoon, one militant was neutralized, while another was apprehended by the joint forces. In a significant breakthrough, a substantial cache of bomb-making materials and an assortment of weapons were seized, averting a potential disaster that could have endangered the lives of countless residents in the area.

An army official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, hailed the heroic actions of the brave commandos and local forces, emphasizing their unwavering commitment to safeguarding the Somali people from the persistent threat of terrorism.

“The successful operation exemplifies our determination to counter and neutralize any threats posed by Al-Shabaab,” the official declared.

Local residents, relieved and grateful for the security forces’ swift response, lauded both the army and the Federal Government of Somalia for their consistent efforts in combating the menace of Al-Shabaab. The relentless pursuit of peace and security by these entities has reassured the populace, strengthening their faith in the government’s ability to protect them.

As Somalia prepares for the second phase of its battle against Al-Shabaab, the Federal Government remains resolute in its offensive and defensive strategies. Collaborating with national and international partners, it is determined to ensure lasting peace and security throughout the nation.

Emphasizing the importance of citizen involvement, the government urges all Somali citizens to maintain vigilance and promptly report any suspicious activities to the competent security forces.

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