Clan-based clashes in Puntland solved

A four day clan reconciliation meeting on Monday concluded in Puntland,s Kar-kaar region despite latest fierce clan clashes in the region led massive losses from both sides.  High level Puntland officials were in attendance at Kodmo valley to asses talks.

The meeting brought together elders from Ali Saleban and Ugar Saleban clans to reach definitive agreement on the matter and hand over compensations to each other. Puntland vice President Abdihakin Amey has supported the fresh agreements reached so far.

“A son dies in every fighting with no result but our government is encouraging what you have done in the last four days in here “the Puntland vice president Amey has told reporters in Kadmo.

The fighting between Ugar Saleebaan and Ali Saleen clans started two years ago and dozens died before government’s intervention. The hastily emerged over land pasture disputes, officials said.

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