Brig. Gen. Muumin Abdi takes charge as new Puntland police commander

The Northern Semi-autonomous Somali State of puntland has today effected new changes in the leadership of the Puntland Police.

Brig. Gen. Baashir Ali Hashi handed over the command of the top law enforcement agency at a ceremony held on Monday at the headquarters of the Ministry of Interior, Federal affairs and  Democratisation.

The new Police Commander of Puntland Brig. Gen. Muumin Abdi Shire promised to take care of the welfare of serving officers of the Somali Police Force (SPF).

Brig. Gen. Shire said he will cooperate and work with all other security agencies in the country to ensure that security is improved and maintained in the state.

He pledged to work hard to ensure that corruption, money laundering, terrorism and human trafficking, among other serious crimes, are dealt with.

“I want to assure the members of the public that our policy to deal with terrorism is clear. They are a threat to our region and we will deal with them decisively,” said Commander Muumin. 

The Outgoing Puntland Police boss Brig. Gen. Ali Hashi said he was confident that Mr Muumin would deliver on his responsibilities.

Among other thing, the Police Commander will be tasked with championing the fight against transnational organized crimes such as terrorism in the region.

The new Police leadership must also affirm its resolve to root out the drug menace in the region.

Prior to his appointment as Police Chief, Mumin served as the Regional Police Commander for Mudug region.

President Said Abdullahi Deni made the changes in a decree last month, saying the shuffle was aimed at improving the security of the State. 

Puntland Police has been fighting al-Shabaab and ISIL militants, as well as pirates who hijacked ships from the coast of Somalia. 

The new Police Commander of Puntland Brig. Gen. Muumin Abdi Shir is the 20th Police Chief of the Puntland State Police since it was formed in 1999. 

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