BREAKING Pirates Set Free Oil Tanker and 8 Sri Lankan Off Puntland Coast

The crew and oil tanker Aris 13 were on Thursday night set free by pirates unconditionally
The release of the crew and seamen  followed negotiations between the pirates, Puntland administration and local elders confirmed to Radio Dalsan .

the crew are safe and  proceeding to Bosses port Puntland officials told Radio Dalsan
Thursday had seen clash between Puntland forces and the clashes.

At least five gunmen were injured  when Puntland navy forces attempted to take control of the merchant oil tanker seized by the pirates off Alula town coast.
The Sri Lankan flagged ship had been hijacked by pirates on Tuesday and has been under their control.
The attempt however came to a halt following request from Sri Lankan government officials and elders involved in negotiations.
Eight Sri Lankan seamen are been held by the pirates aboard the Aris 13
The pirates threatened to kill  the eight seamen if Puntland forces attempt to take control of Aris 13.
Negotiations are ongoing with local clan elders  for the release of the Emirati owned  oil tanker.

This is the first major pirate incident off Somalia coast in three years.

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