Bihi Expresses Regret Over Civilian Killing In Las’anod

The leader of the break away region of Somaliland Muse Bihi Abdi sent  warned  the federal government of Somalia and Puntland, accusing them of being behind the current Las’anod crisis.

Speaking to the newsroom, Bihi said Somaliland is ready to solve the crisis in Las’anod, and that his breakaway region has enough administrative resources to solve the problem.

“We send our condolences to all the people who died in Las’anod, their deaths happened unexpectedly, and we are sorry and share the pain with the families,” he added.

Muse Bihi said that security is the first priority of Somaliland, pointing out that after the current crisis is resolved in dialogue, the region’s forces will exit and retreat to their bases.

“The number of people killed since 2009 is 40 people, 32 people have been arrested, eight are fugitives, 23 have been sentenced, seven of their cases are ongoing, and two have been released by the courts, 24 of the people killed are Somaliland officials, and 16 are civilians who were killed in support of the government of Somaliland,” said the president.

On the other hand, Bihi warned Puntland of provocation of starting a war in the Sool region, saying Somaliland will not sit back and wait for the “enemy” forces to conquer.

Las Anod residents spoke out and loudly said they will no longer accept the invading forces remaining in control with the security reaching the lowest point and killings continuing.

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