Baidoa Military court executes two men

On Sunday morning, two men were executed by a military court in Baidoa after being found guilty of capital crimes.Mohamed Abdi Noor and Abadir Isaaq Noor were both executed by firing squad for the murders of a police officer and his wife, respectively.

In recent months, Somalia has increased the number of executions.

More than a dozen al-Shabaab leaders and army soldiers have been executed since February after being found guilty in quick military trials.

A military court in Mogadishu ordered the execution of three al-Shabab militants earlier this week, including 38-year-old Mohamed Abdi Nur Jirow, who used aliases and titles like “Dr. Fanah” to gain credibility and access to his targets.

These individuals were convicted of carrying out bombings and assassinations.

These executions come just one week after a military court in Puntland sentenced to death 13 Al-Shabab and Islamic State militants.









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