Armed group Ahlu Suna take Dhusamareb town from Somali government forces

Ahlu Suna Waljama militants have pushed Somali government forces from Dhusa Mareb town in central part of the country.

The city fell after fierce fighting between both sides early this morning.

Spokesman of the group Abdinur Mohamed Hussein has told the media that they will continue to take the remaining parts of the central region in coming days.

Mr. Hussein added that for the past seven years they have fighting Al Shabaab in the area and will continue to push them out of the remaining areas under their control.

When asked about the main reason why they attacked and ceased the city, Hussein dismissed any fighting and said his forces just returned to the city from the outskirt where they previously stationed.

The contested city between the militia and government is set to host the establishment of central regional state government.

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