AMISOM is incompetent and presence does not serve Somali interest, Puntland President

The President of Semi autonomous Somali regional state of Puntland has described African Union peacekeeping troops in Somalia (AMISOM) as incompetent.

Professor Abdiweli Ali Gas was addressing members of Somali community meeting in US city of Minneapolis on Saturday during the comment.
“Their presence doesn’t serve the interest of Somali people,” he said.

He urged Somalis to work towards self reliance in order to restore peace and stability in their country.

AU peacekeeping troops is fighting war with armed group Al Shabaab that has intensified its hit and run attacks against government and its international partners.

Though AMISOM is credited for supporting Somali National Army of pushing Alshabaab out of strategic cities including the capital Mogadishu, The mission is also criticized for employing old military tactics especially for being in defensive instead of offensive.

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