Al-Shabaab Releases Video Showing Recent Assassinations & Roadside Bombings

The Al-Qaeda linked Somali militant group Al-Shabaab late Thursday released a video showing recent roadside bombings targeting  Amisom and government officials vehicles, actual assassinations in Mogadishu and other urban settings, and training of assassins.

The March 7 roadside explosion that  killed South West State minister Abdulkadir Abdirahman Baraf, Hirshabelle MP Ahmed Abdi Farah, two bodyguards and a driver  between Afgoye and Wanlaweyn is among the attacks featured in this video.

Two civilians Alshabaab claims to be government officials a Hassan Mahamud, Hussein Kobe  an elder are accosted as they are seated in public and shot at several times.

Mohamed Yare a man the video claims to be a colonel in the Somali military, Nur Arale a Banaadir local official, a Yussuf , a uniformed soldier identified as Shaaban and Abdulkadir Aflow alleged to be a spy for the US are also seen assassinated.

Notably the assassins are wired with body cameras probably attached to an eyewear to capture the shooting of a target as seen in this Al-Kataib produced video

The assassinations featured cover a period going back to January 2018.

Similar killings have been on a surge in the capital Mogadishu. There have been at least 13 assassinations since the start of the Muslim month of Ramadan 16 days ago.

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