Alshabaab confirms killing of its key Kenyan figure

Armed group Alshabaab has confirmed the killing of its senior Kenyan national official last week.

In a statement, the group confirmed the death of Sheikh Mohamed Mohamud Ali famously known as Dulyadeyn by the group.

Dulyadeyn who is Kenyan citizen was significant in the group operations in the neighbouring state and he was responsible for the deadly attack on Garissa University on April last year.

He was killed near Kismayo earlier this month by special operation carried out by Somali commandos aided by US crafts.

Kenyan government put bounty of over 2 million US dollars on his head before his death for the role he played in organizing several terror attacks inside the country.

Security analysts believe that his death is a big blow to armed group Alshabaab as far as operations and attacks they execute inside Kenyan soil.

Dulyadeyn was Madrasa teacher in the North Eastern Kenyan town of Garissa before he joined the Al Qaida linked armed group years ago.

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