Alshabaab be-heads two telecommunications workers for cooperating with security forces

Armed group Alshabaab have be-headed two telecommunication staff in Galcad in Galgadud region.

The two who were staff of the leading Somali telecommunication company Hormud were executed by the militants after Somali National Army and Ethiopian AMISOM troops withdrew from the area.

Locals who talked to Radio Dalsan have said that they were accussed by the militants for cooperating with the enemy thus SNA and Ethiopian troops by selling mobile phones during their presence in the area.

Government have on the other

Source in Galcad who declined to reveal his identify for personal security has added that traders in the area are fearing for the lives because they sold items to the soldiers while in the small town.

Armed group fighting to topple federal government of Somalia has previously executed civilians it suspects of working with the government agencies as spies.

The government has on the other side executed several members of the militants through firing squad after found guilty by military court.

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