Ahlu Suna inaugurates self-elected President in Dhusamareb

Sufi armed group Ahlu Suna Wal Jama has sworn in own President in Dhusamareb town on Sunday.

Sheikh Ahmed Shakir Ali Hassan was elected in the city by the group on 1st July in opposition to government recognized administration in Adado.

Former Interior Minister Abdulkarim Hussein Guled was elected the president of Galmudug regional state on 4th but Ahlu Suna dismissed and claimed its election in Dhusamareb as the legitimate.

The group which has driven out government forces from the town is accusing President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud government of interference in the regional state building process.

Ahlu Suna which has fought rival armed group Al Shabaab has called for inclusiveness in the federal state building in central Somalia.

Newly elected Galmudug regional state President Abdikarim Hussein Guled has promised to open talks with Ahlu Suna group to end the political stalemate in the new state.

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