Abdi Iley Resigns, Ethiopian Army Take Full Charge Of Ethio-Somali Region

Embattled Somali region President Abdi Mahmud Umar Iley has resigned two days after a standoff between the region and he federal government.
According to a source close to the President Iley has tendered his resignation as a two day talka between Addis and Jigjiga administration came to an end.
Finance Minister  Ahmed Abdi Ilkacase has replaced Iley as the regional President.
Ethiopian troops have now taken full charge of the Somali region including it’s administrative capital Jigjiga.
Residents confirmed to Radio Dalsan of witnessing army trucks moving into Jigjiga and othe towns in the Ethio-Somali region.
A second resident said he saw army helicopters landing to deploy Ethiopian National Defence Forces troops.
Regional paramilitary Liyu police who had clashed with the army on Saturday have been restrained from entering Jigjiga and other major towns.
As part of the negotiation, the army will now be in charge of restoring law and order in the region.
Ahmed Shide, Government Communications Minister, states that the region had requested for help and that the Defense Forces have entered Jigjiga and assumes full responsibility for the safeguarding of the city.
Liyu Police will “restrain” from conducting “any form of operation” while the army operation is underway local media reported.
At least 30 people were killed on Saturday in the wake of a deployment of the army to Jigjiga after Abdi Iley declined a summon to Addis to explain the movement of hundreds of Liyu Police to Dire Dawa where a conference opposed to hia leadership was ongoing.

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