PM Meets With Ms Tina Intelmann In Mogadishu

The Prime Minister of the Somali government, Hamse Abdi Barre, met with the European Union Ambassador to Somalia, Ms Tina Intelmann, as they discussed the development projects that the European Union supports in Somalia.

The purpose of this meeting was to focus on the programs that the European Union supports in Somalia on the issues that are important to the government of Somalia. European Union Ambassador Ms Tiina Intelmann shared with Prime Minister Hamse that the European Union will continue to support development programs in Somalia.

Ms Tiina Intelmann said that at this time the European Union will play a major role in the stabilization program of the areas liberated from Al-Shabaab.

She said that it is important to provide basic services to the liberated areas, so that people can recover. However, the areas that have been liberated and there are no social services that can make it easier for people to live there, are the biggest challenges for the government.

Somalia’s infantry chief called on the government a day ago to stabilize the liberated land. He said the troops are already moving from the liberated land.

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