Somali National Army foils an al-shabaab landmine attack

US-trained Somali Special Forces and local militia forces killed militant who was attempting to plant landmine on the road bridging Janay-Abdalla and Buulo-gaduud in order to halt an al-Shabaab attack in the Lower Jubba region. Speaking about the incident, an army officer praised the commandos and local forces for their unfaltering commitment to defending the populace against terrorism. He promised to stay committed to their goal of eliminating Al-Shabaab’s threats.

Danab forces captured another militant in the region on Thursday afternoon during distinct operation. Security officials  called on the public to remain vigilant and report dubious activities that could threat their lives to government security agencies. . It is anticipated that the second phase of anti-al-Shabaab operations will begin in the coming weeks as the Somali government forces, assisted by international partners, step up their efforts against al-Shabaab. 

Since August, government forces have been making significant progress against the militants, launching a major Somali-led campaign against al-Shabaab. This offensive has been regarded as the most effective in countering the terror group in the past 15 years.

Despite these gains, al-Shabab continues to carry out frequent attacks in the capital and other parts of the country. The group has been waging an insurgency against the government and its allies for over a decade, seeking to establish a strict form of Islamic rule in Somalia.

The use of landmines is a common tactic employed by al-Shabab in its attacks against government forces and civilians. The group has also carried out suicide bombings and assassinations, as well as targeted attacks against United Nations personnel and aid workers.

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