Somalia: United Kingdom signs security deal with Somalia in Mogadishu

Somalia and UK government signed a security deal in the Somali capital Wednesday to engage intelligence and security cooperation in a bid to counter threats from the Al-Qaeda linked militant group in Somalia, officials said.
Somalia which is recovering from decades of war is struggling to contain a deadly insurgency by Al Shabab which continues attacks against the government and African Union forces protecting it.

Somalia’s defence Minister Gen. Abdiqadir Ali Dini and UK’s Somalia ambassador Hurriet Mathews signed the bilateral deal in Mogadishu Saturday.

“This deal would help us in rebuilding the security agencies and established close security cooperation between the two countries to defeat terrorist groups threatening our country.” Mr. Dini said in a statement issued by the defense ministry after the deal.

He called for other partners to help the UN-backed weak government to restore security to the troubled horn of African nation and enable political stability that would help the rebuilding of the army.

Affirming the deal, Ms. Hurriet vowed that UK would stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Somalia in its efforts to restore security and order to the country.

Somalia’s security has gained the international’s attention in recent years due to threats by Al Shabab which extended its reach beyond Somalia by attacking Somalia’s neighboring countries.  The group also vowed attacks in the west.

Radio Dalsan
Mohamed Omar Hussein