Somali President changes flight route after PM delegation delay in Kenya

A delegation led by the Federal Government of Somalia President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has opted to change the flight route to neighbouring Djibouti.

President Mohamud move comes after Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Sharmarke and other senior government officials who were on transit in Nairobi while on there way to Istanbul were delayed at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on Sunday.

The move was protested by Somali government through its Foreign and International cooperation ministry letter to Kenya.

Press release dated 22nd of February said the Federal republic of Somalia regrets the events that transpired the delays of the high level delegation in Kenya.

“The Federal Government of Somalia regrets the events that transpired at JKIA airport where Somali delegation were on transit on their way to Istanbul, Turkey,unfortunately some of the delegates experienced delay at the airport,” said part of the press statement sent to news rooms.

On the other hand the press statement confirmed that the PM was not delayed in person but provided with VIP reception but opted to wait for MPs that were delayed and thus clearing the air on speculations by some media that PM was affected.

“The office of the PM confirms and asserts that PM and his delegation of cabinet ministers were not part of the delay but received VIP reception however the PM decided to delay his trip due to some members of the federal government that were affected,”

Somali President, PM  and regional state leaders are in Istanbul, Turkey to participate in  a meeting to discuss rage of issues regarding the future of Somalia including mode of elections to be used later this year, political progress as well as economic development and investment opportunity.