New British Ambassador submits diplomatic credentials to Somali President

The British Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Somalia has today presented her diplomatic credentials to the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia H. E President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud.

Ms Harriet Mathews has taken over from former UK envoy Neil Wigan, who will be taking up a diplomatic appointment in London.

Mrs. Mathews was accompanied by the Head of UK’s Department for International Development- DFID Somalia.

Following the ceremony, Ms Mathews said she is delighted by the warm welcome that she received from the government and the people of Somalia.

Mrs. Mathews said she was honored to take on the important role to serve her country in Somalia.

She said UK is looking forward to deepening the strong relationship between two countries and addressing common priorities including security, development, humanitarian progress and political stability.

She added that The United Kingdom has been instrumental in helping to bring peace and security back to Somalia, and remains committed to helping the Somali people and government to rebuild the country.

Ms Mathews is an Africa specialist and has held three other positions related to Africa, including the Head of East and West Africa Department.

She was also the Head of Energy in the Foreign Office and has worked in Brazil, Israel and Afghanistan. She was awarded the OBE in 2005 for her work in West Africa region.