Kenya to train 1000 Somali teachers

Kenya has announced that it will train 1000 Somali teachers who will teach different levels of education in the country, as a way of promoting education.

The announcement was made by Kenyan President William Ruto during a meeting with Somali Prime Minister Hamze Abdi Barre at the African Heads of State Summit on Human Capital in Dar-es-Salam Tanzania.

The move is expected to have a positive impact on the education sector in Somalia, which has been struggling due to years of conflict and instability. The training of teachers is a crucial step towards improving education standards in the country, as it will equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to teach different levels of education.

During the meeting, the two leaders also reiterated their commitment to the fight against the al-Shabaab militants, stating that they will not relent until the threat posed by the militants is eliminated. The leaders noted that the al-Shabaab militants have had a negative impact on efforts to reopen the border between the two neighboring nations which is crucial for the flow of goods and services.

Kenya and Somalia have had a tense relationship in the past due to border disputes and the presence of al-Shabaab militants who have been carrying out attacks on both sides of the border. However, the two leaders agreed to work on strengthening bilateral relations between the two nations and enhancing cooperation not only in the security sector but also in trade and the transport sector.

The Prime Minister also discussed with President Ruto the facilitation of visas, which was agreed to be completed through meetings scheduled between both parties. This is expected to ease the movement of people between the two countries and promote trade and investment.

The training of Somali teachers by Kenya is a significant step towards promoting education in Somalia, which has been struggling to rebuild its education sector after years of conflict and instability.

The move is expected to strengthen the ties between the two countries and contribute to the growing cooperation between Kenya and Somalia.

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