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About Radio Dalsan

Radio Dalsan  was established in April 2012 in Mogadishu, Somalia with FM frequency 91.5MHz . The radio is registered with the federal ministry of information in Somalia. Its primary goal is to address neutral information gap existing in the capital city and advance human rights of poor, marginalized and disadvantaged residents of the city by raising their voices be heard and find out durable solutions to their formidable challenges. In the fact of the city recovering from two decades of civil war, the radio has formed preferable source for fresh, fair and free information to its target audiences in the city. Dalsan is an independent and autonomous FM Radio station. The radio broadcasts for 18 hours in Somalia and also the Radio is on satellite broadcasting to Africa and Asia.

Radio Dalsan  has ambition to extent its operation in whole districts and regions which currently is not effectively existing, so that,  Radio Dalsan can be able to fulfill the demands of its listeners, such as broadcasting free and fair information both internal and external news or events on daily basis.


Respecting human rights and to give an opportunity for those who are voiceless, so, they can be in touch with their demands publicly.


  • Practice integrity.
  • Be transparent.
  • Build  community.
  • Enhancing peace
  • Youth Empowerment

Areas of Expertise

We have a highly experienced, educated and committed pool of Somali journalist, staffs and governance & Civic engagement consultants. They have an excellent understanding of the regional and national humanitarian and development, socio-economic, political and security contexts in Somalia. They have the advantage and the uniqueness of speaking Somali language. Our operations are respected in this field and have had delivered services to UN, INGOs, LNGOs and government partners in information management and dissemination of all the regions central and southern Somalia.

Contact Web Addresses.
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Twitter: @DalsanFM
Facebook: Radio Dalsan.


General Daud Road,

 Bondhere District,

Mogadishu, Somalia

+252615579070 / + 252699314444.


Email: [email protected]


Dalsan Radio 91.5 FM
HQs: Mogadishu

Coverage: Somala: Mogadishu, Lower and Middle Shabelle, Bay & Bakol, Galgadud regions
Frequency: 91.5 FM ,88.2MHz, and 87.7MHz, 89.2MHz, 89.9MHz
Facebook: Facebook  | Twitter: @DalsanFM | Website:



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