Traditional elders from Southern Somalia arrive in Las Anod city to abate the mayhem

A group of traditional elders from Mogadishu arrived in the conflict-ridden town of Las Anod to find a peaceful solution to the protracted wars  Las Anod .

The committee visited some of the areas damaged by the fighting to assess the damage caused by the Somaliland forces.

The committee traveled to the scene of the fighting, accompanied by SSC elders.They met with Puntland’s Vice President Ahmed Karaash in Garowe on Monday night and are expected to travel to Hargeisa to meet with Somaliland officials.

Abdirizak Mohamed Hassan, spokesman for the 33-member SSC elders’ committee, said he didn’t think Somaliland would launch a more significant attack than the conflict on Sunday in response to the military decision made public by the Somaliland military.

Additionally, he pleaded with the international community to stop Somaliland from attacking the civilians of Las Anod.

In an interview with the  press Garad Jama Garad Ismail said that the Somaliland army had already attacked the town with military forces and laso refuted  Somaliland’s claims that Puntland-led allies, including forces from Ethiopia and other Somali regions, are fighting in Las Anod.

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