Somalia sends 100 police recruits to Djibouti for training

The Somali government has sent one hundred police officer to Djibouti for training on Sunday.

Somali Police Spokesman, Sadik Adan Ali (Dodishe), who spoke to state media SONNA, said that approximately 100 police officers were sent to Djibouti to undergo advance left Aden Adde International Airport earlier today.

According to Doodishe these officers will undergo a rigorous three-month program that will equip them with various essential police skills such as preventing violence, investigating crimes, and executing planned operations.

The Deputy Commander of the Somali Police Force, Brigadier General Osman Abdullahi Mohamed, also saw off the officers at the Aden Adde Airport and advised them to make the most of their upskilling period.

This is the 16th batch of Somali police officers to receive upskilling in Djibouti, aimed at improving the quality and knowledge of the Somali Police Force.

This upskilling program is essential in enhancing the capacity of the Somali Police Force to effectively respond to security challenges and maintain peace and stability in the region.

Last year, a group of Somali police officers, who completed a training programme in Djibouti, returned to Mogadishu aafter advance training.

They were the 17th batch of police officers that had trained in Djibouti and returned to the county.

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