The 2nd Mogadishu Book Fair kicks off in Somali capital

The annual second Mogadishu Book Fair has kicked off in Somali capital Mogadishu on Wednesday.

More than 1500 people mainly young people have attended the event.

The three day occasion from 17th to 19th August was attended by popular Somali authors across the globe.

Books mainly written by young Somalis from family, conflict, culture and reconciliation were showcased for sale and platform provided for discussion followed by question and answers.

Mohamed Diini the organizer of The Mogadishu Book Fair said the main reason for the annual event is to protect culture and history of the Somali nation through bringing together the elites in the community.

Education and cultural activist were invited from Somali speaking regions across the Eastern Africa, Europe and America.

Photos and videos of the event were shared via online during the happening through #MBF2016.

Senior Somali government officials are expected to grace the occasion in the remaining days.

By Hassan Istiila 

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