Banadir Regional Administration holds a first-ever talks with notorious Ciyaal Weero gang

The district commissioner of Kaaraan district Abshir Mohamud, has confirmed that he has held face-to-face talks with some of the members of the notorious Ciyaal Weero gang amid raising concerns about increased crimes committed by the youth gangs.

In an exclusive interview with Dalsan Tv on Sunday evening, the district commissioner said the meeting took place in Qoob Dooro stadium and none of the members of the gang often involved in violent crimes, including robbery, extortion, and murder were arrested.

´´I´m urging the gang members to come forward and surrender and stop terrorizing the resident of Mogadishu,´´ the district commissioner of Kaaraan Abshir Mohamud told Dalsan.

He advised the members of the group to the gang and look for a job and those in possession of weapons to return to the government.

In early 2021, an upsurge in cases of brazen robberies and muggings in the capital city of Mogadishu was witnessed.

Residents of Mogadishu have been raising concerns about increased crimes committed by youth gangs.

Kaaraan district and Madina which consists of Dharkenley and Wadajir districts are one of the most affected areas, with Ciyaal Weero gang terrorizing the residents.

The move by the district commissioner comes just days after the head of the state Hassan Sheikh Mohamud unveiled a new paramilitary unit tasked with maintaining security in the capital Mogadishu.

The President inspected the new unit in Hiil-weyne camp located between Mogadishu and the Middle Shabelle town of Bal’ad.

According to a statement from Villa Somalia, the new military police unit will ensure the safety of Mogadishu and fight against incursions by the militant group Al-Shabaab.

The President called on the new forces to conduct themselves professionally, and ethically and adhere to human rights principles.
Mogadishu city and the larger Banaadir have been under the security of various military and police units including the National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA).

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