Somaliland says no to Somali passport holders

Somaliland immigration authorities have nullified the use of federal government of Somalia passport within its territory.

Immigration officials in Hargeisa have told reporters on Wednesday in a press conference that Somali passport holders will not be allowed entry or exit in all the ports in the self declared state.

“From today on wards the holders of Somali passport made in Somaliland will not be allowed entry or exit in all airports in Somaliland,” said director of Immigration General Mohamed Osman Alin.

General Alim alongside the director of ministry of Interior Abdulfatah Said also confirmed the clampdown on equipment used to make Somali passport inside Somaliland.

“We got some equipment used to make Somali passport and the police are on search of others in town,” said Abdulfatah.

Self declared state immigration officials said they treat the official holders of Somali passport as foreigners and citizens from neighboring country.

Somaliland declared its self independence from Somalia in early 1990s a move that was not recognized by both federal government in Mogadishu and the international community.


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