Somaliland elder denies demanding bribe from candidate fowzia accuses the EX-minister of stalling election process

A Somaliland traditional elder accused of soliciting a USD 50000 bribe from former Foreign Affairs minister Fowzia Yusuf has denied the allegations and instead accused the candidate of stalling the elections.

In an interview with Radio Dalsan on Wednesday he Sultan Abdirahman Sultan Abdiqani said he was misunderstood by Fowzia who is vying for a seat to represent Somaliland in the Somalia 2016 elections.

“I didn’t demand a bribe from Fowzia I just told her to reimburse the expenses to her rival candidate” he told Radio Dalsan

“I didnt demand a bribe from Fowzia I just told her to cater for the expenses of delegates and elders to enable them to go back home” he told  Radio Dalsan.

“I was only trying to work with her not to face tough competition ahead” he said.

According to sources within the Attorney General Offices Fowzia had presented a recording of the elder purpotedly demanding for a bribe. In the recording the elder threatens not to vote if Fowzia fails to pay her.

“I never threatened not to vote” Sultan Abdirahman Sultan reiterated.

The elder is now accusing Fowzia of stalling the Somaliland elections.

“Now we are stuck because of her. We are demanding to follow uo and register electoral delegates” Abdiqani said.

He claims that he has been cleared by the  Attorney General through a phone call

Fowzia declined to comment on the development when reached by Radio Dalsan. She says the matter was is now with Attorney General and the national electoral board.

The 2016 Somalia elections that has had numerous cases of voter bribing as candidates muscle out for the 275 MP seats in the Lower House  and 54 senatorial seats.

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