Two key Somali ministers sacked on Thursday have reacted to their dismissal saying  communication had been made to them before they were fired expressing that they were caught unawares, Radio Dalsan reports.

Yusuf Garaad former Foreign Affairs Minister says that he learnt of his dismissal through a friend in the US

“Last night together with government ministers discussed a task that the Prime minister assigned me to present before the Council of Ministers. And today, Thursday, January 4, 2018. Someone who called me in the morning from America told me that I was dismissed” Garad wrote on his blog

“Then I called the Minister of Information to confirm it from him and asked whether that news has been aired on the national news channel and he confirmed it for me” he wrote.

Garaad says his attempts to communicate with the Premier  hit a snag

“Although I called him, it was not possible for me and the Prime Minister as I am writing these paragraphs” he blogged.

Dismissed Interior security Minister Abdi Farah Said “Juha” said he was planning to see off President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo to Puntland for the fourth anniversary of regional head Abdiweli Gaas when he learnt of his dismissal

“I heard the news in the morning while heading to the airport to make preparations for the President’s visit to Puntland” Said posted von his official Facebook account.

“ A position is something that cycles and we are all equal to it. I thank President Mohamed Farmajo and Prime Minister Kheyre for honouring me to serve in their government,” Said posted .

Said is replaced by Abdi Mohamed Sabriye.

The former Somali top diplomat Garaad who has been replaced by Ahmed Isse Awad the Somalia envoy to Washington feels he was betrayed.

“I remember that the President told me once that we will complete the four years together. I took it as a good faith but didn’t believe it. And I never thought that he intended not to tell me the truth” he blogged.

Trade and Industry Minister  Khadra Ahmed Dualle who has been replaced by Mohamed Abdi Mareye a telecommunication businessman is said to have been be out of the country on  an official government trip when she was fired.




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