Somalia’s president signs new legislation, including legislation governing the spy agency

Somalia’s President, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has enacted  a set of bills for the Targeted Financial Sanctions, the Intelligence and National Security Agency, and the National Electricity Authority.

The Nation has once again shown its commitment to fighting against insurgent terrorist groups across the nation following Wednesday’s approval of the anti-terrorism law which gives government security agencies a legal framework to fight violent extremist groups which have been causing instability .

The President thanked the two houses of Parliament for their efforts to pass the bills, which he said reflected the needs and circumstances surrounding our country, at the signing ceremony at Villa Somalia.

President Hassan Sheikh praised the country’s executive and legislative bodies for their collaboration, which has resulted in the passage of numerous important laws since 2022.

The president signed several bills into law, including one for the National Intelligence and Security Agency, which is the agency’s first since its inception 56 years ago.

The President said the government is doing great task, including the fight against Al-Shabaab which aimed at liberating the country from the group before the 2023 ends.

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