Somalia’s president arrives in Egypt to attend COP27 climate summit

President of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and a delegation he led reached Sharma Sheikh, Egypt, to attend the International Conference of Climate of the world.

The President accompanied by the Somali experts on Climate will attend the COP-27 conference alongside the other leaders of the world.

The Somali government will deliver the changes of the climate that has affected the Somali people and the plans they have to tackle the droughts, famine and floods.

The COP27 presidency is headed by the foreign ministry, which has a pool of experienced negotiators and which foreign diplomats say has far better capacity than other ministries working on climate.

It is hoping to leverage that expertise to help achieve progress in climate negotiations, despite an unpromising backdrop for commitments from major nations or big finance.

“We hope that it will be a watershed moment”, Wael Aboulmagd, a veteran Egyptian diplomat and special representative for COP27, told reporters on Friday, noting that science shows the world lagging behind on every aspect of the fight against climate change.

“Everyone is aware of the gravity of the situation, the enormity of the challenge.”

Egypt is presenting itself as a champion of Africa and the Global South, building on a diplomatic campaign to win African backing in a dispute with Ethiopia over a dam on the Blue Nile that Cairo sees as a threat to its water supplies.

It has been pressing for a “just” energy transition that allows poor countries space to develop economically, a boost to cheap climate finance, and addressing compensation demands by vulnerable states for damages from climate-induced extreme weather events.


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