PHOTOS: Somalia to reopen border controls after 25 years

Somalia’s head of Immigration Mohamed Aden Kofi on Tuesday announced that the country will  re-open border posts 25 years after the civil war erupted.

Speaking at the opening of a  training for  immigration officers in Mogadishu.

Kofi pointed out that the border posts with the neighbouring countries of Kenya and Ethiopia would be the priority.

“We will first focus on reopening our border posts with Ethiopia and Kenya” he said.

Somalia nationals will now have to go through a passport and ID control before crossing over into Kenya or Ethiopia.

Top immigration officials toured the posts to assess what is on the ground a month ago ahead of their reopening.

At least 4O immigration officers will be undergo training thag opened today in the capital.

Somalia shares border with three countries namely Ethiopia, Kenya and Djibouti.

The border posts have remained non operative since the fall of the Siad Barre government on 1991.

Djibouti border control however has been operative but under the breakway Somaliland region.

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