Somalia: “There is possibility of suicide attack on traffic jam streets” say a Somali general

The highest ranking officer in the Somali traffic police General Ali Mohamed Hirsi [Ali Gaab] has on late Sunday said that there will be the possibility of suicide attack on the traffic jam streets in Mogadishu.

“What really shocks me is when I see, the ordinary police and the Somali national intelligence security agency are conducting security checks on the streets, especially the Maka Almukarama street, they think that they are doing something good, but to my point of view they are not, because an enemy can come into the congested street where hundreds of cars are in long queues and can detonate himself, so we all know what will happen next if this act happens, so I will recommend the ordinary police and NISA to do their duties and at the same time let the cars move soon after done” said general Ali Gaab addressing the press.

Maka Almukarama is the busiest street in Mogadishu it is the street leads towards the National Assembly House and the presidential palace.

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