Somalia: Mudug man commits suicide after drought kills livestock

An elderly man in Mudug committed suicide after he lost all his livestock to the current drought that has continued to hit parts of Somalia, residents told Radio Dalsan.

“ We  found his body of a man lying holding a gun. We were shocked” Hussein Ali a resident told Radio Dalsan.

“We were so shocked none of us spoke for some minutes. Then one of us shouted and that’s when other residents came and viewed the body before carrying it to his home ” Ali added.

“The man had a lot of goats and other animals. But he lost all in the drought that’s why he shot himself” he added.

Drought conditions are deepening in Puntland and Somaliland, and have expanded to southern and central regions, including Gedo, Hiraan, Galgaduud and Lower Juba with deaths reported.

The worst drought to have hit Somalia in recent time was in 2011 when it was declared a famine.

Written by Hassan Istiila

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