Somalia In New Political Crisis As MPs Plot To Oust PM Khaire To Counter Motion Against Speaker Jawari

At least 40 Mps on Wednesday night met to plot for the removal Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire moments after Deputy Speaker of the Somalia Lower House announced that motion of no confidence against Speaker Mohamed Osman Jawari was legitimate despite failing to proceed to the House.

Speaking to Radio Dalsan from the undisclosed meeting venue in the capital Mogadishu Mp Mohamud Abukate blamed PM Khaire of being the mastermind the motion of no confidence against Jawari.

“Mr Hassan Ali Khaire and his government were pushing hard for the motion through his Ministers and Deputy Ministers in Parliament who fourty of them were signatories to the motion” Abukate said.

And as the Mps were plotting the oust of Khaire Deputy Speaker Abdiweli Mudey was holding a press conference in another part of the city announcing that the motion of no confidence against Speaker Jawari is legal and will proceed to the House.

Notably two government Ministers were present at Mudey´s presser but  declined to be filmed by journalists.

“The motion was brought to me by 107 members of parliament. I assessed its legality and I can say it is legitimate. I do not want people to be confused on the legality of the motion .Right now how it will proceed to Parliament is my responsibility” Mudey told reporters .

On Wednesday the motion against Speaker Jawari failed after 16 Mps who were signatories opted out reducing the number to 91 one less signature to proceed to the House.

The Mps behind the motion had accused  Jawari of being an impediment in the constitutional review process and abusing power and of suppressing MPs in Parliament.

Jawari has been the Speaker of Parliament since August 2012.



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