Somalia: Ethiopian war planes strike Alshabab base in Somalia

The reports that are coming from Masagawaye location in Galgadud region in central Somalia say that Ethiopian troops who are part of the African Union Mission in Somalia have on Monday night bombarded Alshabab base in the location.

The local residents in the area speaking to the English department of Radio Dalsan have verified the incident.

“Generally the planes were after 4 Alshabab cars mounted with heavy machineguns coming down to Masagaway and from Galcad location in the region, and in half way at a location called Gadoon 3 of these vehicles were completely destroyed, surely they were heavy casualties of death and injuries which Alshaba fighters have faced in the airstrike, but we cannot know exactly how much it is” said a local resident who requested his name not to be disclosed in the media.

The independent reports coming from the area adds that auxiliary Alshabab fighters who reached at the scene of the incident have cordoned off the area and denied the local nomad people in the area to pass the thick bush.

Initially there were several Alshabab members and senior leaders who have been killed in airstrikes carried out by either the Kenyan government or the American drones.

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