Somalia Establishes Public Property Recovery Committee to Reclaim State Assets

Prime Minister Hamza Abdi Barre has established an 8-member committee to reclaim public assets from individuals. The committee is tasked with identifying and evaluating public properties and safeguarding Somalia’s national resources.

It will prioritize assets belonging to state institutions and companies that were acquired illegally by individuals or groups.

“The committee will tirelessly identify and evaluate these properties, safeguarding our nation’s resources,” said the Prime Minister’s spokesperson, calling for Somali citizens to collaborate with the committee.

The members of the committee include senior government officials such as Foreign Affairs Minister Dr. Elmi Mohamud Nur, Finance Minister Jibriil Abdirashid Haji Abdi, Commerce Minister Ismail Abdirahman Sh. Bashir, Public Works Minister Yusuf Hussein Jim’ale (Madale), Banadir’s Governor and Mayor Dr. Osman Elmi Guuled, National Attorney Abshir Mohamed Ahmed (Bukhari), Presidency’s State Minister Hirsi Jama Gaani, and OPM’s State Minister.

Land disputes and the illegal occupation of public properties have been ongoing issues in Somalia. In the 1980s, political elites grabbed land, fueling conflict and unrest. The 1988-1992 civil war displaced many people, resulting in displaced persons occupying government land and buildings. The precarious living situation for IDPs has frequently led to violent disputes, fueled by allegations of biased dispute resolution processes.

The establishment of the Public Property Recovery Committee marks a potential turning point in this predicament. The committee faces an arduous task of navigating potential resistance from current property holders, entrenched interests, and ensuring a sustainable, fair recovery process. The success of the committee will depend on its ability to navigate the intricate socio-political landscape and historical contexts of land disputes and property acquisition in Somalia.

Moreover, the move highlights the government’s commitment to good governance and fight against corruption in line with the Somalia National Development Plan.

The plan seeks to create a transparent, accountable public sector that delivers quality services to the country’s citizens. The establishment of the Public Property Recovery Committee represents a significant step towards realizing the plan’s objectives, marking a significant milestone in Somalia’s efforts towards establishing peace, stability and good governance.

The establishment of the Public Property Recovery Committee serves as a starting point for Somalia to reclaim public assets that have been illegally acquired by individuals and groups.

The move is commendable and demonstrates the resolve of the government to address corruption and promote good governance. It provides hope for the thousands

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