Somalia announces creation of anti-corruption committee

The Federal Government of Somalia has reaffirmed its commitment to combat corruption and announced plans to establish a committee dedicated to this cause.

Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister Hassan Maalim Mohammed stated that the committee would undergo a rigorous vetting process by both the Cabinet and Parliament before being approved.

The minister emphasized the importance of trustworthiness, citing the teachings of prominent Islamic scholar Sheikh Idris.

He noted that embezzlement of public funds is contrary to the principles of Islamic teachings, which are highly valued by Somalia’s predominantly Muslim population.

The creation of this committee is part of the Somali government’s broader agenda for reform and development.

The government has been actively pursuing anti-corruption measures, recognizing the significant impact of corruption on the country’s economic growth and stability.

The establishment of the anti-corruption committee signals a clear commitment by the federal government to promote transparency and accountability in public institutions.

With the support of the Cabinet and Parliament, the committee will play a pivotal role in achieving this objective.

As Somalia continues to work towards rebuilding its economy and infrastructure, the fight against corruption remains a critical priority.

The creation of the anti-corruption committee is a positive step towards achieving this goal and promoting a more transparent and accountable government.

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