Somali PM assures Victory in anti-terrorism campaign as rebuilding effort continues

Federal Government of Somalia’s Prime Minister, Hamse Abdi Barre, expressed the government’s commitment to victory in the battle against terrorism, citing significant progress already made towards this end.

The Prime Minister made these remarks during a meeting at the Adde Abdulle airport with members of both houses of parliament, council of ministers, and other government officials.

The Prime Minister further stressed that the remnants of Al-Shabaab militants would be eliminated as the country continues the rebuilding process, including drafting a new constitution.

He urged the Somali people to continue supporting the government’s anti-terrorism drive through prayers and any other means necessary.

The Somali government has been locked in an effort to stamp out terrorism by Al-Shabaab militants for years.

However, recent times have seen significant success in the form of territorial losses by the group.

The government is now determined to finish off the remaining Al-Shabaab factions to provide a conducive environment for country-wide rebuilding and future development.

Prime Minister Barre asserted that a stable and peaceful Somalia would pave the way for significant gains in sectors like healthcare, education, infrastructure, and the economy as a whole. The government has prioritized counterterrorism efforts alongside the provision of basic services to the Somali people.

The PM’s recent call to the general public to support the government’s drive against extremism is a response to continued misinformation, religious propaganda and ongoing terrorist activity from Al-Shabaab, which poses a real and tangible threat for the Somali people.

Steadfast in their commitment to fighting terrorism and rebuilding their country, the Somali government, alongside their people, is actively pushing back against the extremist groups and forging a brighter future for their nation.

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