Somali government publishes most wanted Al Shabaab figures

The federal government of Somalia has published 11 most wanted Al Shabaab top figures on Thursday.

Internationally backed government has put over 1.3 million US dollars bounty on the Al Qaida linked group figures.

250,000 US dollars was put on its new leader Abu Ubeyda and 150,000 dollars on his deputy Mahad Karatay.

Mogadishu government move comes just one week after Al Shabaab deadly attack on Garissa University in North Eastern Kenya.

More than 150 students were killed during 15 hours sieged at the campus in Garissa.

On the other hand Kenyan government has on its part published the list of 86 individuals including popular Somali scholar over links with Al Shabaab funding.

13 Somali money transfer companies were also shut down and licenses suspended.

Al Shababaab has threatened Kenyan cities will “run red with blood,”

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