Somali Forces and Foreign Troops Successfully Eliminate 44 Al-Shabaab Militants

On Saturday, Somali forces, accompanied by foreign troops, conducted a successful operation that resulted in the death of 44 Al-Shabaab militants in the Lower Shabelle region.

The announcement was made by Deputy Information Minister Abdirahman Adala who lauded the joint effort that led to the successful operation.

According to Adala, forces from the National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA), along with international partners, eliminated the terrorists in Ali Fuuto location near Kurtowarey district in Lower Shabelle region.

The operation dealt a severe blow to the Al-Shabaab militants who were regrouping in the area, and was carried out with remarkable efficiency and effectiveness.

“Our Intelligence, NISA, and International Partners destroyed the terrorist strongholds where they were regrouping at the time of the special operation,” said Adala, highlighting the significance of the successful mission.

The elimination of these Al-Shabaab group will undoubtedly have a positive impact on national security, heightening the security of the region and the country as a whole.

The operation was a remarkable success, coming just a week after the Somali Army announced the killing of 67 Al-Shabaab militants in the central district of Mudug.

The subsequent operation in Lower Shabelle region saw the combined forces employing tactics that neutralized the enemy’s tactics, leading to the elimination of 44 members of the terrorist group.

The operation has been received positively by the Somali people who have long suffered the consequences of Al-Shabaab’s activities in the country.

The government has continued its efforts in rooting out terrorism, and this latest operation further highlights the country’s commitment to the safety and security of its citizens.

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