Seventh edition of Mogadishu book fair underway

On Wednesday, the much-anticipated Mogadishu Book Fair 2023 was officially launched, marking the beginning of a three-day literary festival that celebrates the written word and brings together more than 50 writers, scholars, poets, musicians, and other literary giants from Somalia and the diaspora. The event, which has grown in popularity over the years, attracts participants from all age groups and is a testament to the rich cultural heritage of Somalia.

The official unveiling of the limited edition of the book fair was graced by government dignitaries who expressed their support for the literary festival, which has become an important platform for promoting literacy and education in the country. The event, which runs until May 26th, promises to be a vibrant and stimulating affair, with a range of activities and events that cater to all interests.

Mohamed Diini Ahmed, an alumnus of the Ohio State University and the University of Westminster, is the Founder and Director of Mogadishu Book Fair. He expressed his gratitude for the support of the government and the public, saying that the success of the book fair would not have been possible without their support.

“I am thrilled to see the Mogadishu Book Fair grow each year, and I am particularly excited about the quality of the writers and scholars who have agreed to participate this year,” said Mohamed Diini Ahmed. “We are proud to showcase the literary talents of our country and to provide a platform for the exchange of ideas and knowledge among the participants.”

The Mogadishu Book Fair, now in its seventh edition, has become a fixture on the cultural calendar of Somalia and the diaspora. The event features a range of activities, including book launches, panel discussions, poetry readings, musical performances, and workshops. Participants have the opportunity to engage with their favorite authors and scholars, learn about new literary trends and ideas, and connect with like-minded individuals who share their passion for literature.

The theme of this year’s book fair is “foundations of reading: A Pathway to a Better Future.” The organizers hope to raise awareness about the importance of education and literacy in Somalia, where access to quality education remains a challenge for many.

They believe that books and reading can play a transformative role in the lives of young people and contribute to the development of the country.

As the three-day event draws to a close on May 26th, participants and organizers alike will look back on a successful and inspiring literary festival that has brought together the best of Somali and diaspora literature.

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