Roaming Livestock In The City Face The Axe

In a strict action against animals roaming the streets of Mogadishu the capital Somalia, the Benadir Regional Administration (BRA) on Tuesday slaughtered over 150 cows.

The action comes following multiple complaints of cows roaming in Mogadishu, the most populous in Somalia and also the centre of the federal government.

Speaking to the journalist in Hamar jajab where the cows were slaughter, the BRA director of development, Mohamed Suudi Mohamud said the owners of the animals failed to pay a fine of $50 in 24 hours.

“The owners failed to pay the fine and never showed to collect the roaming animal,” the director said.

“The meat will be distributed to the less fortunate and also in the prison.” He added.

Last month the Banadir Regional administration passed a directive that inhibited wandering of stray animals within the city’s periphery.

Speaking to Dalsan Media Residents and entrepreneurs in Mogadishu complained about cattle within the area causing a menace to their businesses.

According to the residents, the cattle feeding on garbage and crisscrossing the roads became an eyesore in the urban centers, Bakara Market and thanked the government for the intervention.

On their part, the vendors stated that the cattle have formed an interesting pattern of roaming around vegetables and green maize selling points awaiting their mercy to at least throwaway waste which is now a rare precious meal to survive on.

On several occasions speeding motorist have rammed cattle, sheep and goats while crossing the road leading to losses.

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