NCC proposals lie with Parliament says President Mohamud

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has confirmed that the recent political agreements made by the National Consultative Council will need to be ratified by parliament.

The President’s statement comes in response to criticism that some of the proposals made in the agreements were potentially offensive to democracy.

Speaking at the opening of the third session of the Federal Parliament, President Mohamud emphasized that Somalia is governed by the rule of law and not by political agreements.

He stated, “I confirm that a political agreement, law, and constitutional changes that have not been passed by the Parliament of the country are not laws and cannot work in the country. The country is governed by law and order.”

The National Consultative Council was established in March 2021 to bring together various political stakeholders in Somalia and facilitate dialogue and cooperation on key issues facing the country.

The Council has been working to develop a framework for upcoming national elections and to address other key political challenges.

However, some of the proposals made by the Council have been met with criticism from civil society groups and opposition politicians who argue that they undermine democratic principles.

In particular, there has been concern about proposals to limit the number of candidates who can run for public office and to give the President more power to appoint regional governors.

President Mohamud’s statement confirms that any political agreements reached by the Council will need to be approved by parliament before they can be implemented. This reinforces Somalia’s commitment to democratic processes and the rule of law.

The President’s remarks were made during the opening of the third session of the Federal Parliament, which will focus on a range of issues, including electoral reform, security, and economic development.

The Parliament has an important role to play in ensuring that Somalia’s political processes are transparent, inclusive, and democratic.

In what surprised many former President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo welcomed the political proposal. On the other hand ,  a number of politicians key among them former President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and four former premiers, have objected to the move, which could see scrapping of the parliamentary model of government in the country.

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