Nicholas Kay meets with Puntland students in Garowe

The UN special representative for Somalia Nicholas Kay who is on a two day landmark visit to Puntland has met with East Africa University students in Garowe on Thursday. Addressing hundreds of Somali students, the Envoy enlightened prevailing Somali situations and the war against Al-shabab.

“You’re the future generation for Somalia, you have great expectations, you have great hopes but also you have a great responsibilities as well. Somalia has come a long way; Federal government has been formed and is undertaking steps to rebuild the Somali state for the first time since state failure after in 1991” Nick has told students.

The Envoy has praised Puntland security improvements and the fight against Al-shabaab in Gal-gala rigid mountains. He said that United Nations office in Puntland remained resolute in its support for the region peace progress.

He asked Puntland students to stand united and work for Somalia’s fragile stability.  Somalia has been in a chaotic situation since the fall of dictator Mohamed Siad Barre in 1991.


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