Village restaurant bomber applied for membership of popular music band

Mogadishu village restaurant suicide bomber has applied for membership of popular Somali music band.

According to Waberi Music band chairman Mohamed Barow, the man who carried out attack on Saturday where over 20 journalists were meeting was on a waiting list of his band.

Mr. Barrow told Radio Dalsan that the young man membership was about to be approved and the news of the attack was great  shock to the band which has garnered respect across the country for years due to its performance.

He added that the main obstacle behind his full approval was guardianship and he was tasked to comply with the rules before allowed in to further his talent.

Three people were killed including alleged suicide bomber on Saturday while trying to assemble explosive device during Journalists meeting.
All over 20 Journalists at the scene of explosion were unhurt.

Armed group Alshabaab often targets media workers in Somalia mainly those working with state owned media.
Early last month female radio journalist with state owned radio Muqdisho Hindia Hajji succumbed to injuries sustained from explosion device attached to her car.