US denies it killed Somali troops

United state has denied the claims by Somali regional administration that scores of its security forces were killed on air strike.

Galmudug regional state administration said more than 30 troops who were part of its soldiers were killed when US aircrafts bombed Somali National Army base near Southern Somali city of Galkacyo.

Pentagon spokesman Jeff Davies told reporters that two air operations conducted by US army in Galkacyo and Kismayo killed Alshabaab fighters.

He said small number of US forces in Somalia who train advise Somali and AU troops carried out operations on 26th and acted on self defense when they come under fire from Alshabaab militants.

He added that four fighters were killed in the exchange of fire

Pentagon also confirmed that there was operation on 28th spear headed by Somali forces near Galkacyo and backed by US forces and nine militants were killed in the operation.

US defense headquarters added that no Somali troops were targeted in the attack as reported.

However Galmudug regional state administration has confirmed death of 20 soldiers and scores others wounded in US airstrike.