US ambassador says proposed Kenyan border wall not good idea

US ambassador to Kenya ambassador Robert Godec has said Kenyan government should rethink construction of the wall with its border with Somalia and instead enhance security patrols to win war against armed group Al Shabaab.

“Kenya should enhance patrols on its border with Somalia rather than constructing a wall as it’s expensive,” he said.

Ambassador Godec who was speaking in Mombasa before he joined Muslims for breaking the fast (iftar) during the Holy month of Ramadhan in order to address the terror threat posed by the Al-Shabaab said the Kenyan security personnel should find ways of detecting the terrorists to prevent more terror attacks.

“The best way to address terrorism is for the Kenyan police to be vigilant in detecting the terrorists so that they can be dealt with before they attack to prevent loss of life,” he said.

He added that Kenyan police should up their game to deal with modern violent crimes including terrorism in the country.

He also called on the Kenyan government to closely work with religious denominations in the country to address the radicalization issue of the young population.

“We must work with both Christians and Muslims for them to live in harmony as well as help address the radicalization of youth,” he said.

Asked about the Kenyan government’s plan to close down refugee camps for security purpose, he said he does not think Somali refugees are threat to Kenyan security and they should be left alone until peace is restored in their country.

He said US government will support Kenya on fight against Al Shabaab and all forms of terrorism.