Unanticipated evacuation of aliens from hotels in Mogadishu

On Tuesday evening there was an alarm of terror attacks in the hotels around Aden Abdulle International Airport in Mogadishu, and all the foreigners residing in those hotels have been immediately evacuated to the biggest AU headquarters in the city.

Despite having been recognized the hotels around the airport to have tight and secure security there was immediate evacuation.

“I saw foreigners been packed in armored cars and taken to the AU base compound which is not far the hotel which I work, and the reason of the evacuation was that we received an alarm of terror attack” says a security guard of one of the hotels who does not want his name to be disclosed.

The hotels are not far from Jazira hotel which come under suicide attack on the 26th of this month and claimed the lives of more than 15 people.

Mogadishu has recently been facing waves of hotel attacks, and the Islamist group in Somalia Alshabab has been claiming to be behind the entire dreadful attacks.

It is not clear when will the evacuated occupants of these hotels will be returned, or will be abandoning their residential for good.