Turkish embassy takes over the management of pro Gulen NGOs in Somalia

Diplomatic source has confirmed to the media that Turkish embassy in Somalia will over take the management of pro Gulen non governmental organizations in the country.

More than 40 Turkish staff who have been operationg at different organizations linked to US based self exiled cleric Fetulah Gulen have already left the country after Somali government ordered them out.

Nile organization which operates hospitals, schools and several aid agencies since 2011 is linked to Fetulah Gulen who Turkish government has balmed for recent failed coup in the country.

Sources have confirmed that Nile education centre and hospital which its staff have already left the country will be managed by Turkish government via its embassy in Somali capital Mogadishu.

The move by the Turkish embassy will erase the suspicion by several Somali nationals that the education and health centres will be shut down and thus students and patients who were benefiting from the project sent home.

Somali government is strong ally of government and people of Turkey due to overwhelming support of the Ottomans to Somali people during the critical time.

Anti coup demonstrations rocked Somali capital on 15th to show strong support to the democratically elected government of President Reccip Tayyip Erdogan.