Turkish ambassador lauds Somali people for standing by his country

Turkish ambassador in Somalia has lauded the support of the people and government of Somalia towards his country during recent aborted coup.

Speaking during press conference in the new embassy building in capital Mogadishu, Ambassador Olgan Bekar thanked people for showing support to his government.

“I want to thank Somali people and the government for the reaction towards the ill fated Gulist terror organization coup attempt in my country.” He said.

Ambassador Bekar said Ankara and Mogadishu are closely working together to make sure the operation of projects linked to Nile Organization that was recently shut down by Somali government.

“Somali and Turkish government are closing working together to reopen schools and hospitals that was affected and we will take over the management of these institutions and hopefully they will be operational by next month.” He said.

He added that recently closed Deva hospital will be reopened by 2nd August saying the affected patients in the hospital were transferred to Erdogan hospital.

Somali government has ordered humanitarian organizations linked to Gulen movement out of the country following the botched 15th July coup in Turkey.

Turkish government has promised to take over the management of mostly schools and hospitals in Mogadishu after the staff left by order of Somali government.

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